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Join us at Miguel Abreu Gallery, starting September 7th, for the opening of, Singing In Unison, a multi-part, large scale group exhibition organized by Phong Bui and the Rail Curatorial Projects. The exhibition will be on view at the 88 Eldridge Street location.  (Untitled Painting, 2019 [Detail], Oil stick on wood panel)

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art presents: In American Waters: The Sea in American Painting. An exhibition exploring over 200 years of art inspired by the beauty, violence, poetry and transformative power of the sea.  The exhibition will include Digital Wave, a computer generated video on LED wall.

Join us in Portland, Maine for a showcase of work centered around a relentless exploration of the natural world, prompting audiences to engage with the vitality and wonder of nature itself in an era of global climate change, as well as to reconsider the condition of the photograph.

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